Friendship ended with Internet Archive, now Neocities is my new best friend (?)

Welcome to Alayna's archives! Here will be a nice library of my archives, because I'd like to wean off the IA in case they pull some stupid stunt one day... Because they sponsored a seminar about the wacky fun of NFTs, I wish I was joking about this. Feel free to do what you want with this knowledge though I can't change your life and they still do important work preserving stuff i just have the spare time and don't really have a lot to move

Lost Kingdoms


Magazine scans

Expect to find japanese magazines here, Nintendo and Playstation especially. This list will not grow for the time being because I am mega no money atm. I also occasionally translate bits from magazines, and if someone's hosted a magazine I think visitors would like, I link it here too!

I usually don't have the time to do full scans of each magazine, but I do accept requests for certain articles and I do my best to write down every game mentioned!


This area is kinda empty for now so here's a picture of mario.

3d render of mario with an excited face and peace sign on a white=grey gradient background. the text on the right says ASMR: Automatic Stinky Mario Response in a style that replicates the mario logo color and font.