scan of forever kingdom game disk with renders of darius, ruyan, and faeana on the front. the logo for forever kingdom, agetec, fromsoftware, and the playstation two are visible. there is a disk guard overlaid on top of the disk, with a translucent blockbuster logo and text that says property of blockbuster

Forever Kingdom (Sony PlayStation 2) (Instruction Booklet, Box art, Disc) (ENG)

600 DPI Instruction booklet scans from the English version of Forever Kingdom, published by Agetec and developed by FromSoftware. Box art and disc are included, however the disc has a huge Blockbuster seal on it.

If you make a joke about the filenames being called FKPAGE, I'll cry.

I'm looking for website mirrors that aren't the Internet Archive, Vimm's Lair, or whatever. Cuz these image files are huge! The below is merely the PDF version of it, but it will certainly do in times of need. I guess you can email me if you really want the huge image files, one by one.

Read it here on the Drive!