front and back page spread of lost kingdoms' instruction manual. the front page has the logo of lost kingdoms, as well as a medieval themed blue frame with a red dragon, skeleton, and berserker lining the frame. inside the frame is a 3d render of katia's profile. the rest of the image has a cloudy dark blue background, the activision and gamecube logo, and the words instruction booklet. the back page has activision and fromsoftware's logo, the ESRB t rating for the game, and legal fine print.

Lost Kingdoms (Nintendo GameCube) (Instruction Booklet, Game box) (ENG)

600 DPI scans from the English version of Lost Kingdoms, released by Activision and developed by Fromsoftware.

This was one of the very first things I scanned, and then put on the Internet Archive. It has a special place in my heart... And probably the only time I'll ever debind a book to scan it. Throw tomatoes at me. Do it.

If I recall correctly, I scanned it at my school's scanner, and it was really funny being self conscious about bringing this game to school. Heh. In the end, it went well and I still use the scanners to this day. And I ended up rebinding the manual with one of the staplers and thread :3

You can check out the original tweet announcing it here. I had it pinned for a long time!

I'm looking for website mirrors that aren't the Internet Archive, Vimm's Lair, or whatever. Cuz these image files are huge! The below is merely the PDF version of it, but it will certainly do in times of need. I guess you can email me if you really want the huge image files, one by one.

Read it here on the Drive!