bust up drawing of alayna (black bunny ears and tail, black hair, glasses, smiling face with blush, beige jacket and blue undershirt, red bowtie collar). when hovered over, her ears straighten up and eyes become comical white dots, with an open smile.
2 frame animation of alayna in a hardhat, riding a jackhammer with a smiling face. she is drilling on a large yellow rectangle with wavy top and bottom, orange horizontal stripes, and text that reads under construction. a website banner for neocities. has a cartoon cat head with orange-yellow patterning and a yellow hardhat, with holes for the cat's ears to poke through. in its hands are a wrench and paintbrush. the text on the right of the cat reads hosted by neocities. the button has a grey background. pixel art of alayna, a large cartoon heart, with a background shadow and pink polka-dot background. there is subtle lace on the top and bottom, and text that reads thanks for 10000 views.... in the top left. website banner for taptroupe, with a tall tapper's head (black rectangle helmet with an inner white face, closed happy eyes, long nose, red blush and red bowtie collar) as a logo on the left. the handwritten text on the right is taptroupe, with a bowtie drawn above the text. a website banner for unjammercammy. the text on the left reads No Fucking Thanks!, aligned in a column so the first letters are in red and read NFT. there is a smiley face with a hammer about to hit a monkey cartoon.

welcome to alayna neocities page. i'm working on it

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