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Taptroupe Scanlations, or Tapscanslations for short!

Welcome to the home of Tapscanlations, where I only scanlate one thing and that's Fromsoftware comics from the 2000s. And one Pikmin comic. This is a fan project not for profit, so if you ever have to pay money to see these scans, that's wrong!! Please buy the official comics if they ever come out in your area - but that's right, they probably never will!

Feel free to check out our page on MangaDex, too. Nothing really much to see tho.

I'll also include webcomic translations and mini-scanlations, they're now retroactively considered a Tapscanlations project haha. I don't have plans to include most of these on the MangaDex page except for Evergrace II, so enjoy them on their myriad of site hosts!

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cropped image of cartoony tara, running with a frustrated expression, as a speech bubble says I'm gonna be late for the party!

RUNE 2 VJump Game Guide Comics

Link to gallery on Imgur

Short little comics included in RUNE 2 game guide published by V Jump, but I'm dumb I never knew there was a space eek. Anyhow, this was scanned and typeset by me, so maybe this was my first scanlation? I liked how they came out, even translated the splash text for the full page! Come check out Tara's misadventures with cute fairies and mischievous cards!

Hm, they have a cute style reminiscent of Cookie & Cream... Could it be? Hm...

cookie and cream playing with a DS and stylus on a yellow background decorated with various 4-komas. the text translates to kuri kuri mix 4-koma theatre, with a subtitle below it: The Adventures of Cookie & Cream Really Stupid Translated 4-komas

The Adventures of Cookie & Cream 4-Komas

Link to gallery on Imgur

Kuri Kuri Kuri Kuri daibouken
Hitori dake de wa, samishii no~
Papaiya Papaiya tasuke ai
Futari de ireba, ureshii no~

The Adventures of Cookie & Cream Really Stupid Translated 4-komas are now available on the Internet Archive Imgur lol! They're not actually called really stupid, but I just think they were a little bit outdated for the time. Don't be mean to rabbits, everyone.

These are 4-komas on the original Kuri Kuri Mix website, resized with Waifu2x and translated/typeset by me. As I always say, translation may be inaccurate as I only took two semesters of Japanese in high school and I rely mostly on Jisho and Google for this.

I mean, it's really sloppy. I mean, like "read right to left except for when I make it left to right for some reason" kind of sloppy. BUT IT WAS STILL FUN

The translations were originally uploaded on Imgur, then the Archive, and now back here. The IA version had new edits, such as subtle changes to the typesetting just to make it a bit less.... creative license, really. Now, I've updated the original Imgur gallery post so it includes everything! Inclusion Win!

Enjoy..... if you can!

Also, this was requested to be posted on the IA by MITY FRESH. Thank you! And thank you for the lovely gift art also~

collage of various translated rune 2 comic pages, arranged in angular shapes.

RUNE 2 Webcomics

Read the raws and translations on the Lost Kingdoms Wikia
Or read the translations on Imgur

The RUNE II webcomics were a series of 3 comics released on Fromsoftware's website in May of 2003. All three comics are illustrated by Takashi Kojo, designer of Lost Kingdoms and Lost Kingdoms II, and depict the characters of Lost Kingdoms II through various situations.

Following a revamp of Fromsoftware's website and its archived game sites, the comics were removed circa 2010. Most of the web pages are available through the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, but many of the comic images themselves were not archived. With great thanks to GraySilene, the 3 official RUNE II webcomics have been preserved in full.

The comics have been unofficially translated by Taptroupe, while feedback was given by Realwinterbro, UnluckyLion and Xenolark among others. All these people are on the Lost Kingdoms wikia and beyond (as in, on the LK Speedwalking Discord lol) and I appreciate all their help so much!!! GRAYSILENE IF YOU ARE READING THIS YOUR WORK ON THE WIKIA IS AWESOME

four panels of the evergrace 2 manga showing darius's childhood. from top to bottom, right to left: sharline chases after darius with laundry hanging in the background with dirtied handprints, darius washing dishes standing between his mother and another person while manga pain symbols emanating from his butt, darius sitting on his father's shoulders as they walk through a forest. the final frame shows a closeup of darius admiring the trees with his mouth agape, while his possessed adult face is shown in the corner with a shadowy atmopshere.

Evergrace II

Link to raws, edits, scripts do whatever you want
Read on MangaDex

"You’ll be a big, strong grown-up...
Who’ll never lose to a silly mark like that."

A two-part comic prequel to Fromsoftware's PS2 RPG series, Evergrace.

The Crest. A mysterious bruise that has been on the back of Darius's right hand ever since he was young. Like many others in his village of Solta, he believes it to be a cursed mark - and with good reason. In one swoop, his family was assassinated and his childhood friend disappeared, feared dead. And years down the road when he embarks on a revenge-driven journey to join the Solta army, the Crest's powers drive Darius down another turn for the worse.

But he's not alone. There's the gentle and thoughtful Ruyan, who grew up alongside the orphaned Darius, training in swordplay day in day out. And there's Faeana, a plucky-if-mysterious amnesiac that the two found in ominous circumstances.

Can these two bring Darius back from the edge of his memories?

NOTE: We're still looking for the first part of the story, which is in Monthly Dengeki Comic Gao, August 2001 issue. If you have it, please let me know over at Twitter/Tumblr under @taptroupe!

Also, feel free to retranslate this into other languages with my original/edited scans. Or read it on the Internet Archive JUST KIDDING!

comic illustration of the back of a lone pikmin facing the starry sky above. the page is coloured in sepia browns and black, with cross hatching across the sky.

Pikmin (Nintendo DREAM vol. 89)

Link to raws, edits, scripts do whatever you want
Read on MangaDex

"Survival of the fittest… That is the law which governs all living beings."

A short Pikmin comic from the Japanese gaming magazine Nintendo DREAM, showing the life and death of Pikmin (more death than life, really) before Captain Olimar's arrival...

Or is it all just the cinematic machinations of a certain Koopa King...?

Now here's where I'd link the original raws and scans but Mangadex wiped that off my page. Hate you. Anyways I found this comic and shared it with the Pikmin subreddit so some interest, and it turns out this comic served as the base for a student film that had garnered some popularity many years back. Well, now we got them all together! Many thanks to all who showed interest and helped me with this.

drawing of cookie (yellow rabbit, closed eyes, tulip on head) and cream (pink rabbit, blue dress, beach umbrella on head, neutral eyes with lowered eyebrows) with bits of 4-koma drawings behind them. in the foreground is a colourful title called 'The Adventures of Cookie and Cream 4-koma Theatre'. below this is the line 'Translated by alayna, original by Fromsoftware, inc'

The Adventures of Cookie & Cream 4-koma Theatre

More details here!
Link to gallery on Imgur

Translated 4-koma comics from The Adventures of Cookie & Cream 4-koma Theatre, released only on the PSP.

You might know that The Adventures of Cookie & Cream has Japan-only 4-komas...

But did you know there were some comics exclusive to the PSP, a la Fromsoftware's Adventure Player? With a Tenchu reference??

Well, I translated them! ENJOY!!