Okay I only have like two but I'm happy with both so I post them here. I hope I can make an Internet Nostalgia or chill vgm music playlist one day.

I also made a playlist for school grad once but that's like, idk if you can find it anymore. good times tho.

TASes you can brush your teeth to

TASes that are within the 2-3 minute area, so you can brush your teeth to the recommended time while being entertained by inhuman skill.

No joke, using this helped me floss more. I don't use this playlist much often because the habit's kicked in, but I'm happy if it helps anyone with their dental habits.

the kota hoshino 2000s experience

only the best curated selection of his fucked up tunes and pleasant tunes. feel free to listen to the list is my custom order, or shuffle it for that extra fucked up feeling b/c i just realized youtube doesn't have notes for playlist videos anymore you can read them here

People occasionally praise this playlist on Twitter. Makes me happy!