art of alayna (black short hair, catlike open mouth smile with blush and rectangular glasses, beige knit cardigan and black-blue sweatshirt with heart outline motif, and a large red bow around the collar. bunny elements like black-blue bunny ears and tail) there are doodles of dotted lines, hearts, a sunshine, a bunny outline around her. there are also many background elements such as a windows xp window with a black and white polka dotted inner background, a caption reading unregistered alaynacam 2, a yellow 24, and a bunny themed mouse cursor.

she/her | THE ULTIMATE TAP | 10/14/1999

Hey i’m alayna!!! i like to list my three favourite things as the three G's:

I'm also bisexual and Chinese. I went to Chinese school for 6 years and only appreciated the value of learning Cantonese at the very end, and then I cried at grad. I also draw and make animations. I went to school for it! I even made a film that was kinda bout being bi and Chinese! You can check out my artstation for my portfolio and demo reel :)

This website will also be a more convenient place for me to put my archived gaming material. I like to scan and document stuff from the Gamecube age, and also old Fromsoftware games. It just feels nicer having a one-stop shop all to my own :) yes

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Languages I speak

  1. Cantonese! 廣東話係我母語。讀寫講都得!
  2. English, also my mother tongue
  3. French (enough for DELF B1 i suppose...)
  4. Japanese, two semesters in high school! haha!

So I can also read basic Chinese and
struggle through a Japanese novel... lol